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Florida Politics

Hands Across the Lagoon

Saturday, 14 September 2013 03:51

9-10am Sat. Sept. 28, 2013: at eight locations along the Indian River Lagoon, from Volusia County in the north to Martin County in the south, join friends and neighbors to help call attention to the serious decline of the lagoon...

Publix Drops ALEC

Thursday, 12 September 2013 18:54

Publix responds to SCPA's petition: "Two years ago, Publix dropped our membership in ALEC."

SCPA sent petitions to the supermarket chain last week asking it to publicly disavow its support for the right wing advocacy group ALEC.

Keep Laws Fair: Panel Presentation

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 12:27

SCPA 1st Thursday Program: April 5 at 6:30 pm in the Henegar Center, Downtown Melbourne.
Four of Florida's most distinguished attorneys will give a panel discussion: Keep Laws Fair. True justice requires fair laws.

Florida Representative John Tobia (R - District 31) conducted a survey prior to the 2012 legislative session on a number of issues - the results are available at the link below. Based on just the question about drilling for off-shore oil and gas (77% in favor), it seems his more progressive constituents may have ignored the survey. If true, then these results may be skewed to the right of even right-leaning Brevard County. (Read more to see attachment)

Florida Initiative for Electoral Reform (FLIER) has provided sample emails to use for contacting your Florida Representative and Senator this week to support legislation which would reverse the several voter suppression bills that have already been passed into law.  Please act this week. For more about the good work done at FLIER, visit

Governor Crist has a conundrum on his hands, and we can be entertained. But it's a serious issue: will he sign HB 1207 and re-establish leadership funds? These leadership funds are presented as providing transparency over who donates to politicians, but in truth would give the Tallahassee leadership power to distribute virtually unlimited funds to legislators ... gaining major control over who is willing to do what.

Haridopolos works to push the promise of public campaign funding, and government of, by and for the people, off the table.

Florida's Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority shakedown for political donations.

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