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SCPA Coronavirus Letter To Members

Written by Raed Alshaibi | Monday, 13 April 2020 11:21

SCPA Vice President Raed Alshaibi's letter to our members about coronavirus.

The Lessons of Coronavirus

Written by Bob Serody | Monday, 30 March 2020 21:12
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In crises there are great opportunities.  Opportunities for disaster capitalism, yes, but can society take another path instead?

Bernie's Final Debate

Written by Bob Serody | Friday, 20 March 2020 13:13

Bob Serody examine's the larger dynamics of the last Democratic Presidential debate.

The Other Side Of Impeachment

Written by Bob Serody | Tuesday, 10 March 2020 19:07

Bob Serody explores the brutal consequences of the failure to convict Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate.

Born Yesterday

Written by Bob Serody | Sunday, 01 December 2019 20:38
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Born Yesterday was a movie made in the 1950's, but it is relevant to what's happening in our politics today.

Science Fiction or Fact

Written by Bob Serody | Tuesday, 24 September 2019 20:12
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 Are human societies doomed to live and die by conflict and aggression?  Or can we build a cooperative human society and save ourselves?

A Dystopian Future?

Written by Bob Serody | Wednesday, 18 September 2019 23:02

Bob Serody examines literature's prediction of a dystopian future that seems to be coming true before our eyes.

An insightful and hard-hitting article from The Atlantic examines the dangerous behaviors of President Trump. These are behaviors that would be clearly unacceptable from an airline pilot, a surgeon, or any trusted professional in America.

Facing the facts of America's often troubled history can teach valuable lessons that all of us need to learn. The consequences of denying our history may be fatal.

There are many steps that could be taken to stop the rise of white supremacy and prevent more mass shootings. 

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