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Clean Elections

Campaign contributions are a significant contributing factor to the financial melt-down, and also a key reason that Congress has rushed to implement the bailout, according to the latest winner of the CRP essay contest.

Take two minutes to visit this Common Cause link and submit a letter to your representative about Clean Elections. They're using Jack Abramoff sentencing as a stimulus in this case.

Florida Today Op Ed Column by SCPA Member Shirley Jin

NBC Debate Needed Kucinich

Wednesday, 23 January 2008 22:00

Dennis Kucinich was needed to add some interest to an otherwise lackluster debate among three almost indistinguishable candidates. Also, a look at how special interest money may affect our next government.

Web sites for State and Local Campaigns for Clean Elections (a.k.a. Fair Elections or Publicly Financed Elections)

Please Sign this Petition for the Public Campaign, Asking Candidates to Take a Position On Clean Elections.

An April, 2008, Zogby Poll shows that New York voters strongly favor the Clean Elections policy of publicly funding election campaigns.

Public Campaign reports the number of Clean Elected officials in six states has nearly doubled from 2006 to 2008.

President-Elect Obama wants and needs our input. For Clean Elections you can use this letter directly or modify it. Or write your own letter on any issue.

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