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Sunday, 19 February 2012 21:20

Candidates who support Amendment #2

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Who supports Amendment 2 ?
This November, Florida voters will be asked whether our State's Constitution should be amended to restrict the definition of marriage and make invalid any unions that are the "substantial equivalent thereof," such as common-law marriages, domestic partnerships, etc.

The Space Coast Progressive Alliance joined the Fairness for All Families Coalition, which is urging voters to reject this amendment. Numerous organizations including the League of Women Voters, NAACP and the Florida Professional Firefighters are against Amendment #2, as are elected officials from both sides of the political aisle.
For more information on the amendment and its negative impacts to Floridians, based on what is occurring and has occurred in other states, readers are referred to Fairness for All Families and Say No 2, resources on our LGBT page.

According to information provided at the website, the following Brevard candidates signed the petition to put Amendment #2 on the ballot. Their party affiliation and election race are listed.

Andy Anderson
(R), County Commission, District 5

Jan Conrad (R), County Commission, District 3

Scott Ellis (R), Clerk of Court (Incumbent)

Ralph Kennedy
(R), Canaveral Port Authority, District 4

Jack Mc Ginn
(nonpartisan), Viera East Supervisor, Group 5

Martha Jane Long (nonpartisan), Titusville Council Seat 2

Cheryl Palmer (R), County Commission, District 5

Jeff Rainey (R), County Commission, District 1

C. Raymond Reed (nonpartisan), Sebastian Inlet District, District 3

Rich Shoar (R), Canaveral Port Authority, District 5

Jim Tulley (nonpartisan), Titusville Mayor (Seat 4)

Helen Voltz (R), Property Appraiser

IN ADDITION, the following candidates appear to have signed the petition, or their spouses did so. We were unable to 100% verify these because of slight differences in the way their name is registered on the ballot vs. how it is listed on the petition or because of differences in street address.

Frank Buckoski (NPA), Supervisor of Elections
Frank's wife signed the petition.

J.B. Kump (R), Supervisor of Elections
Unable to verify. J.B. lives in Tituville, his wife's name is Shirley and one son is named Johnnie. Both a Shirley Kump and Johnnie Kump at 3635 Miriam Dr in Titusville signed the petition. We cannot verify that these two people are JB and his wife, JB's son and his wife, or someone else.

Daniel Reyes (write in) County Commission, District 5
Unable to verify due to address change. Mr. Reyes is the son-in-law of the campaign manager for Andy Anderson, a "competitor" for the D-5 commission seat. Reyes has been a largely no-show candidate, underscoring the widely held belief that he is not a real candidate and was put in place to close the republican primary. In Florida, if all candidates in a primary are of the same party, the primary is "open" to voting for all voters, regardless of their party affiliation. But if there is one other choice, then the primary is closed, meaning that you can only vote in your party or for a no-party affiliate or write-in candidate.

J. Roger Shealy
(R) County Commission, District 1
Unable to verify. Used to live in Mims, now lives in Titusville. His wife's name is Kerry. There are two John Shealy signatures and one Kerry Shealy signature at 2111 Foggy Bottom Ln, Mims.

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