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Sunday, 19 February 2012 21:20

What local pols say about offshore oil drilling

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John McCain (R) Candidate for President -- Can you say flip-flop? McCain was against offshore drilling before he was for it. At various times in his campaign, he has pointed out that there is limited benefit, if any, to Americans in allowing offshore oil drilling.

Charlie Crist (R) VP Wanna-be -- Can you say flip-flop? Or "whatever it takes to make me veep!"  On June 10, Crist said he was NOT dropping his opposition to drilling. But Crist changed his mind when McCain did. No coincidence, we're sure.

Just a few years ago, Florida's Congressional Delegation was nearly unanimous in its opposition to offshore drilling (only John Mica, Winter Park, voted for it). Now most of the 16 republican reps support loosening the ban on drilling, including Senator Mel Martinez. Kudos to Bill Nelson, who appears to have developed a spine for just this issue. Keep it up, Bill, there are other places you can use it.

Bill Posey (R) Candidate for Congress -- "Drill, drill, drill."  As minimal as this sentence is, it's the most he's said on anything that we can see. No issues or substance on his website, just a long list of dreary incumbent politicians endorsing him. And his absentee voter ballot alert postcard featured lots of flag-waving and his amazing attendance record! He's been sick only 3 days in 15 years! Wow!

Ralph Poppell (R) Incumbent Candidate for State Rep D-29 -- "We're at a point where we have to stop talking and start doing, and that means drilling, and utilizing the technology that's there." Let's hope its' not the technology he illegally sells out of his taxpayer funded state office. Whoops.

Jason Steele (R) Candidate for State Rep 31 -- "I do support off shore drilling with the proper environmental restraints, we can  no longer be dependent on foreign oil." Steele's political connections go way back, with solid support from the development and real estate industry. Real estate's in a slump so time to go back to the public coffers.
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