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Sunday, 19 February 2012 21:20

Space Coast Progressive Alliance and Politics

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The Space Coast Progressive Alliance (SCPA) is a Florida nonprofit corporation supported by membership dues and donations. We are non-partisan but strongly progressive in our orientation. Our members are individuals who are active in the community and affiliate with the Democratic Party, Green Party, Independent & Libertarian parties, Republicans (generally moderate and centrist Republicans), and no party. We encourage active citizen engagement and use email alerts, newsletters, and special events to promote citizen awareness and action on a variety of issues of interest to progressives.
What's a progressive? Progressives put "We, the People" first, before profits and special interests, and believe the common good is necessary for individual well-being. Progressives meet life's challenges cooperatively, democratically, holistically, and nonviolently with solutions that maximize liberty, imagination, leadership, jusice, sustainability, and respect for all. You can read more about our values at, which presents certain national issues.
From a local perspective, SCPA values elected officials who: respect and honor civil liberties and rights protected by the Constitution, promote diversity and tolerance of individual differences and freedoms, understand and respect the separation of church and state, support transparency in all operations; protect, preserve, and restore our natural environment, and seek to promote the broadest and highest public interest, avoiding dominance of special interests in our government.
At this time, SCPA does not have a process for endorsing candidates, but we do seek to share candidate and campaign information with our members. If we believe a candidate shares one or more of our progressive values, we will share that candidate's information with our members and post that candidate's campaign events on our calendar. We will act to draw attention to candidates whom we believe are promising from a progressive perspective. Likewise, if we believe a candidate's position is at odds with our progressive goals, we will publicize that fact.
Candidates are invited to tell us specifically why their candidacy is of interest to progressives, and we will gladly distribute that information to our readership. Candidates are invited to introduce themselves personally to our members at any of our monthly socials, held the first Thursday evening of every month (check calendar). If you would like to share information about your campaign with our members via our website or our eNews (emailed newsletter), please send an inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A variety of local, state, and national issues have been supported by SCPA, generally brought to our attention by one or more members or another group we view as a progressive ally. Issues are reviewed and a majority of the officers must agree to publicly support any issue.
What kinds of issues do we support? Locally, SCPA has supported the Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands (EEL) Program approved by voters to preserve and protect open space and critical natural habitat. While we respect concerns with regard to process and purchase prices paid for these lands, we also recognize that current methods for determining the "highest and best use [and thus value]" of lands is based on a narrow perspective that does not adequately address sustainability and quality of life. Long term, we believe Space Coast residents will be deeply grateful for the lands purchased and protected from development, and in fact will depend on the biodiversity and water conservation benefits provided by these investments. We also supported the Brevard County School Board's decision to include medically accurate and complete information in our public school sex education curriculum. We share parents' desires to protect their children and support the teaching of abstinence, but at the same time, we recognize that many children are choosing to engage in sexual activity and we want these children to have the information they need to protect their health and prevent unwanted pregnancies.
Another issue we are supporting is Clean Elections, an approach for publicly financed campaigns that remove the undue influence of special interests who invest heavily in campaigns and candidates. We believe that clean elections are essential before we can achieve real progress on any of the many other important issues that face "We, the People."
We invite everyone to join us at any monthly social (first Thursday evening of every month, check our calendar) or at our annual Progressive Celebration (generally held in the Jan-Feb timeframe) or our Progressive Fest (early Fall). Come and discuss your issues and concerns. Engage & act. The American Experiment is in your hands.

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