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Monday, 07 March 2011 17:31

Welcome to the Energy Issue Page

Written by  Jeremy Phelps
I believe very strongly that pursuing a clean and renewable energy policy as well as educating consumers on energy conservation measures in our homes and businesses is very much inline with what the SCPA stands for.  I am sure I don't need to tell you that the benefits of adopting these energy saving measures are far greater than simply saving a few bucks a month on our electric bill.  Beyond the obvious environmental impact of relying less on dirty fossil fuels, reducing our basic energy needs alone through measures similar to what we saw in last week's presentation by the Florida Solar Energy Center, will have the added effects of reducing our need for foreign oil. No doubt, that this could, with effective leadership, lead to less military involvement in the oil dictatorships throughout the world, and hopefully a reduction in "defense" spending, which is now annually at well over $700 Billion dollars.  Further, pursuing a strong energy policy that focuses on technology development and manufacturing of renewable energy systems in the U.S. would be a means of bringing much needed jobs back to the U.S.  and even reviving our Space Coast as we face the approaching shutdown of the Space Shuttle program.  We have the means to fully fund this development and emerge as the world leader in renewable energy, much like we did for Apollo moon project and the Space Industry 50 years ago.  This will all obviously be quite a fight, given the current state of our political landscape. 

That is why we must become strong advocates of Energy and resource conservation, renewable energy generation, and sustainable building methods, and good stewardship practices at the person to person level.  Although critically important, creating the type of reform that is needed from the top, down, that being through legislation and economic policy, is going to be extremely difficult and slow given the new crop of anti-science, anti-environment legislators, and the long established oil and coal industry friends in our government.  Therefore we must serve as self appointed ambassadors of the benefits of clean energy and energy conservation, to our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and fellow business people.  We must lead the way in the adoption of simple methods of energy conservation, such as those discussed at last weeks meeting. Things like using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances, aggressive recycling, using energy meters, upgrading the windows, insulation, and weather stripping in our homes and business.  Every small action that we are able to make to help advance this cause, we should.  For those of us that are able to install more complex renewable energy systems, such as solar, wind, heat pumps, etc. can lead a bottom up, grassroots movement, to drive the renewable industries to become more cost effective and thus accessible to more people.  Like all the issues that the progressive movement stands for, we must educate first each other, then those out there that a not aware of what is at stake and what can and should be done.

I am wrapping day three of Sustainabilty 2011 tomorow at F.I.T. in Melbourne.  In the past two days, a number of Internationally renowned scientists, engineers, architects, students, and activists in the field of sustanability.  It's been an exciting event and i will be sharing my experience in more detailed note within the next fews day.

So those are some of my thoughts.  I never really considered myself a blogger or writer, so this will be a new thing.

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