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Tuesday, 09 August 2011 21:21

The War on the Middle Class Begins with Education - Everywhere at Once.

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Shock & Awe occurs everywhere at once. Multinational corporations and investors are setting up the greatest financial/power grab in the history of the world. Teachers and public schools in nations across the world are simultaneously suffering the following attacks daily.

- United Kingdom (UK): Union rights to negotiate. 50% increase in teachers contributions to pensions while reducing benefits.

- Nigeria: Teachers removed from lists of employees who must receive the legal minimum wage.

- Puerto Rico: Takeover of schools via charters guaranteeing public money for private corporate profit. Increased class size. Tenure based on state test scores.

- Chile: Savage education funding cuts. Full payments for private profit charters. Repressive union busting methods.

- Greece: International Monetary Fund (IMF) and foreign bond holders demand replacing teachers with non-accredited temporary teachers for lower wages without benefits. 12,000 textbook titles will not be printed. Larger class sizes.

- Kashmir: Temporary low-wage "private sector" contract teachers to replace accredited teachers.

- Orissa: Teachers to accept 1/3 of present contracted wage or be fired.

- Bahrain: Teacher Association officers replaced by government appointees as officers are "detained" indefinitely. Teacher wages to be reduced.

- Swaziland: IMF orders cuts in education funding and lowering of teacher wages.

- Sierra Leone: IMF orders block to teacher pay until further notice.

- India: The World Bank (WB) orders lower teacher pay. All teachers given temporary status and temporary contracts.

- Liberia: Teacher pay reduced to less than living wage. All teacher union rights removed.

- Sri Lanka: Hired thugs beat protesting teachers as police and government officials refuse to intervene.

- Uganda: Teacher salaries reduced to less than living wage.

- Malaysia: Teachers, alone of all public workers, threatened officially by government if found demonstrating for public worker rights and fair wages.

- Egypt: Teacher unions fight to regain prior rights.

- Kenya: 28-80,000 low wage temporary contract teaching positions to be hired regardless of credentials.

- Botswana: All teacher union rights abolished.

- New South Wales: Teacher rights to negotiate wages and working conditions no longer apply.

- Zimbabwe: Teachers are to be paid 40% of what the government has determined to be a living wage.

- British Columbia: Teachers will no longer be allowed any say in their wages or working conditions. Privatized public schools will determine all hiring, wage and working conditions.

The list goes on and on. For-profit privatized schools are being guaranteed public funding and then are allowed to choose students, charge parents, hire personnel, deny benefits, remain exempt from state and federal public school laws, ignore accreditation standards for teachers, and basically become minimally regulated while making vast profits for the few multinational corporate owners and private investors who reap all the benefits. 

Please notice that the needs of students themselves are not taken into account. The teaching of vital critical thinking skills and other true educational goals are also missing from these "educational" reforms.

Examine this excellent source of world-wide education news from which the above information has been extracted. Do you still question that denying students from being taught critical thinking skills and the pure greed of multinational investors are behind this power/financial grab? Let the late George Carlin convince you in his very own inimitable manner.


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