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Sunday, 14 August 2011 18:42

Life and death story: Three things your mom and your kindergarten teacher taught you.

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Rachel Beckwith learned about "Locks of Love" in kindergarten. The idea that children with cancer lost their hair while undergoing treatment when she herself had so much hair didn't seem right to her. She asked her mom if she could have her long hair shorn and sent to a child who had none. Her mom granted her request, and Rachel looked forward to regrowing it for a few years in order to do it again for another child.

At the age of eight she learned in school how many children were sick from having no clean water to drink. She asked her mom if she could post her ninth birthday on June 12, 2011 on Facebook and, instead of a birthday party, ask friends and family to put nine dollars into a fundraiser page for digging wells in the areas where children needed drinking water. Her mom agreed to do so.

Read the rest of this incredible story.

Back in March of 2010, Facebook was also the venue for a Tea Party video that went viral. Though labeled "Tea Partiers Mock and Scorn an Apparent Parkinson's Victim," the fact is that Dr. Robert Letcher, a former nuclear engineer, actually suffers from Parkinson's Disease. As he attended a rally supporting Medicaid, Medicare and the new health care initiatives, counter rally Tea Partiers decided to say what they believe and treat him as they see he deserves.

For some reason, this video has reemerged as Rachel's story has unfolded. Perhaps you can see why.


Connect the dots and choose how you wish to live your life. It really is as simple as that.

Rachel knew.

-Ken Previti

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