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Thursday, 20 November 2008 22:00

Write the Obama-Biden Transition Team on Clean Elections!

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Put Clean Elections on the Obama-Biden agenda!
This is a quick and easy way to make a difference.  Please submit a letter to the Obama-Biden Transition Team on every issue that matters most to you. For Clean Elections, copy and paste the following letter, then edit it to suit yourself or just use it as is.  For best results, include the issue name in the first sentence.  Please write today.
Submit your letter at this link:  Obama-Biden Transition Team
Thanks,  Fred Markham
SCPA Clean Elections


Dear President-Elect Obama,
I believe that we need to create a system of public election campaign financing  such as proposed by the Fair Elections Now Act, so that our government can become independent of private, special interest money.  Only with true financial independence can the American government finally achieve its promise of being "of the people, by the people, and for the people" - all of the people. The vision that you shared with us during the 2008 campaign can only be realized if government approaches the country's issues honestly and objectively, which can only happen if approached independently of private moneyed interests.  We small donors gave money to the Obama campaign in unprecedented numbers because we believe there is hope for real change.  The change we want is long term good governance for the equal benefit of every American citizen. We want our leaders to govern for us all, without first taking special consideration of those who contributed in larger amounts to their election campaigns. We want our leaders to spend their time in office working for the good of the country, not spending much of their time raising money for the next election campaign.  We are willing to pay the price for this change; in fact it's not a price at all, but an investment that will yield enormous returns to the country. I hope that as President you will reflect on your words in "The Audacity Of Hope" that, under the pressures of fund raising, "The problems of ordinary people, the voices of the Rust Belt town or the dwindling heartland, become a distant echo rather than a palpable reality, abstractions to be managed rather than battles to be fought."
President Obama, we elected you because you gave us hope, and we support you in pursuing the vision that you held up to us. You gave us hope and we gave you a mandate to change the world. Let's start by ensuring that American government will from now forward represent all its citizens equally. Under such a government there is no problem that we Americans cannot solve together.

Sincerely, Fred Markham
237 Shore Lane
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
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