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Tuesday, 08 April 2008 23:00

Clean Elections Update

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Pressing McCain to sign on to Clean Elections ... again ... maybe for good this time
April 8.  Public Campaign delivered a letter and 9,000 signatures on a Clean Election petition to John McCain on April 8th at a "lobbyist-hosted fundraiser" in Washington, D.C.  See the letter and several related articles at the  Public Campaign blog. The Public Campaign site also has an interesting presentation quoting John McCain in a series of flip-flops on the Clean Elections issue ... but let's not hold our breaths to see if the Swift Boaters pick up the bait on this one.
Deregulation pays big for BG&E
March 19.  In Maryland, citizens are paying a 1000:1 investment return to Baltimore Gas & Electric. Apparently the utility invested $1 million dollars in campaign and lobbyist contributions to get deregulation.  The investment has paid off, and now they are expected to reap $1 billion dollar return out of the pockets of  the Baltimore area rate payers. See a protest ad placed in the Baltimore Sun by an affiliate of Public Campaign.
2008 Presidential campaign fund raising continues at a record shattering pace.
The Center For Responsive Politics reports in its 2008 Presidential Campaign web site that the total thus far for all 2008 presidential candidates is $800 million.  The two nominees are expected to raise $1 billion between them by November.  That adds up - you can check my math on this - to a grand total for all candidates of  $Way_Too Much_Special_Interest! Fair is fair, of course, so these contributors will be expecting the same 1000 to 1 return that BG&E realized (see above).  Throw in a couple of billion for the legislative campaign, and I just don't see how we can support these paybacks without a tax increase, which is a sobering thought that might even cross party lines.
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