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Thursday, 24 January 2008 22:00

Campaign Money Watch petition for Clean Elections

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This is a copy of an email from Campaign Money Watch, sponsored by the Public Campaign for Clean Elections.
Fred Markham
Dear Friend,

Change, change, change.

In a word, that?s what the presidential campaign is about. If you close your eyes, the rhetoric of one candidate sounds the same as another, regardless of party. But where do the candidates stand on public financing of elections -- a change we know would dramatically alter who controls what happens in Washington?

All the Democrats running for President back comprehensive public financing, including the top three candidates. The Republican candidates talk about changing Washington but have refused -- so far -- to support policies that bite the hands that feed their campaigns.

Tell the GOP presidential candidates that real change means supporting policies that put voters ahead of big money in presidential and congressional elections.

After we collect signatures on this petition, we'll fax each of the Republican presidential candidates a letter on February 4th, the day before Super Tuesday on February 5th, to urge them to support public financing.

As the candidates campaign around Florida and then move on to the twenty-something states on February 5th, money will be a key factor in whether they have the resources to reach voters. Estimates say that a half a billion dollars has already been spent by candidates in both parties. If that isn't an indication that our system needs fixing, I'm not sure what is.

We see Republicans supporting public financing in Congress and state legislatures all over the country. The Democrats running for President have all endorsed public financing. Why not the Republican presidential candidates?

Sign our petition today.

Thanks -- and please pass along this email!

David Donnelly
Campaign Money Watch

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