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Friday, 26 March 2010 22:08

Non-Partisan Electoral Reform Forum in Boca

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BOCA RATON, March 20: SCPA's Fred Markham spoke on Clean Elections at a Civic Forum on Electoral Reform conducted by non-partisan Florida Initiative for Electoral Reform. Other speakers included Dr. Robert P. Watson on gerrymandering and fair redistricting, Michael Arth on instant runoff voting, and Carolyn Thompson on voting rights. Attendees participated in an instant runoff voting demonstration electing their favorite ice cream flavor.

Forum moderator Jayne King cited electoral reform as “the most important ignored issue in America.” Among the proposed solutions to the electoral malaise were delegating redistricting to an independent commission with public consultation, public campaign financing based on granting funds to candidates who limit spending and private fundraising, implementation of instant runoff voting for single member races, and allowing Supevisors of Elections to choose a greater range of buildings for early voting locations.

Organizers stressed that this Civic Forum was merely the first and that the issues covered were some of the various reforms that would need to be implemented to realize “pluralistic, competitive democracy.” The group is working on a white paper detailing these and other reforms and will be advocating implementation to decision makers upon completion.

Fred Markham is Chair, Clean Elections Committee, SCPA.

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