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Wednesday, 21 April 2010 19:42

Clean Elections under attack by Arizona Legislature

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Clean Elections Institute

Defending, Promoting, and Improving
Public Campaign Finance across America

AZ House Speaker kowtows to powerful Industry lobbyists!

Grants permission for "special" Judiciary Committee meeting to introduce Strike-Everything Amendment to place repeal of Clean Elections on November ballot.

Despite having repeatedly failed to gather enough votes to get their deceitful first attempt at undermining Arizona's highly popular public campaign financing program approved through the normal committee process which came to a close two weeks ago, lobbyists for AZ's largest industries have convinced Speaker of the House Kirk Adams to re-open the committee hearing process and allow them another, last-minute, bite at the apple.

Clearly, this begs the question: "Since when are there two initiative processes in AZ -- a difficult and expensive one for regular citizens, and a cheap and easy one for titans of industry?"

Call or email members of the Arizona House of Representatives to protest this special treatment and tell them to Vote NO on SCR1009!

Arizona's Clean Elections program earned its place on the 1998 ballot through the support of groups like the League of Women Voters who gathered almost 200,000 signatures from regular Joes, from all across the state.

The big-business interests who are now pushing for its repeal need only get 46 votes out of the 90 member legislature to accomplish the same thing -- and they are being given extra time and consideration to do it!

According to two seperate public opinion surveys recently conducted by Behavior Research Center and Zogby International -- two well known and reputable polling firms -- 77.6% of Arizona's high efficacy voters support the Clean Elections program.  This number moves even higher when voters learn that the system is self supporting and that not only is no General Fund tax revenue used to finance political campaigns, the program has donated $45 Million in surplus income to the General Fund over the last 10 years!

How will Clean Election's opponents try to overcome this buttress of public support?  Most likely by blanketing our airwaves with deceitful attack ads like the one the corporate-tax-break-seeking AZ Chamber of Industry recently aired depicting legislators as pigs at a trough (talk about the pot calling the kettle black!) in their attempt to intimidate conservative legislators who support Clean Elections into voting for its repeal.  Think not?  Consider these comments by big business mouthpiece Glenn Hamer: "You never know what other mediums it could pop up on." "We reserve the right to use it in a broader capacity."  Hamer describes the video's producer as "the Francis Ford Coppola of political ads" and says "he's just itching to do some more."

Click here to see their offensive, deceitful ad.

(One has to wonder if the incumbents running for re-election have thought about the prospect of attack ads like these running from now until election day negatively impacting THEIR OWN appeal to voters?)

It is also important to remember the Clean Elections program is available not just to candidates for the Legislature and state offices, but also for those running for Arizona's Corporation Commission.  At present, four of the five members of Arizona's Corporation Commission were elected under the Clean Elections program. They have worked well together to keep rates down and to add new solar and renewable energy incentives into our state's energy plan.  Historically, candidates for these positions received their campaign money from lobbyists and employees of the very utilities and industries they were elected to regulate.  Utilities want to raise rates and big energy users -- like those trying to repeal Clean Elections -- want to be sure they can keep buying their energy at their current discounts.  Without Clean Elections, who will be there to watch out for the residential consumer?

Candidates utilizing the Clean Elections system aren't dependent on the support of wealthy special interests or the political power-brokers to run viable campaigns -- but they are dependent upon their friends and neighbors to help them qualify for Clean Elections funding!  Over the last ten years, under Clean Elections, some of Arizona's political power has begun to shift back toward the voters and the old power-brokers don't like it one bit.  They want to go back to the old days when THEY were the gatekeepers of who got funding to run for office and thereby, who got elected.  Don't let the already powerful steal Clean Elections away from you!

Call or email members of the Arizona House of Representatives to protest this special treatment for big business and tell them to Vote NO on SCR1009!

A message from YOU -- even one as simple as "I support the Clean Elections program and I want you to vote NO on SCR1009" -- can have a BIG impact!

You can find your Representative's phone numbers and email addresses here:
PLEASE, it is important that these calls and emails be made TODAY. We never know very far in advance when a bill will be considered in committee or on the Floor, but all signs point to action on this attempt to repeal Clean Elections being imminent.

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Thank you for you time and your support.  You will be hearing from me again soon with an update on other important Clean Elections Institute activities!

My Very Best Regards,

Bart Turner,

Clean Elections Institute

PS: If you wish to share with me the results of your conversations with your Representatives or to copy me on emails you send to them, my contact information is: 

Bart Turner
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