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Tuesday, 14 September 2010 21:31

Fight Washington Corruption Pledge

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This slate is the best way of knowing that our candidates and elected officials are not being controlled by corporations special interest groups. Over half a million people have endorsed it, and over 120 candidates and members of Congress have already signed on, including Rep. Alan Grayson and our very own, Shannon Roberts.  The pledge commits politicians to stop taking corporate money and get corporate influence out of politics by supporting a three-point plan:

  • Overturn the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, allowing unlimited corporate spending on elections
  • Support Fair Elections-Provide public financing to grassroots candidates so they can compete
  • End backroom deals with corporate lobbyists by making all lobbying activity public, and shutting the revolving door between K Street and the government.

This action is needed now more than ever, everyday we see more and more corporate influence in our elections and policies. From companies like Target, Best Buy, and Fox donating to republican campaigns, Monsanto and their dangerous meddling with our food policies, and of course the Koch Bro's, ExxonMobil, and BP's war against Clean energy, the list goes on and on. These companies do not operate for the benefit of common people or the environment, but for profits alone. The recent failure of the DISCLOSE act should serve as further evidence that crooked politicians and the corporations and special interest groups pulling their purse strings are powerful in our nation's government.

They need to be shut out of our elections process, lawmaking, and the pockets of politicians.


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