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Friday, 06 April 2018 08:59

Chasing The Dragon Featured

Written by  Team SCPA

At our Community Forum on Opioid Addiction, Thursday, April 5th, we asked everyone to watch this powerful short film.  It is less than 50 minutes long, but takes you down the rabbit hole of addiction -- through the eyes of those who have fallen into that abyss. We have asked asked everyone who attended our forum to watch this with a friend, neighbor or loved one. If you are impressed, please share it!

Opioid addiction is tearing our nation apart. Our local, state, and federal law enforcement professionals are facing a challenge unlike anything that they have ever seen before. That's why the FBI and DEA made this film. Former FBI Director, James Comey actually introduces the film -- which was made at a time before the President of the United States openly hated our "Top Cop".  Perhaps our entire nation has fallen down the rabbit hole...

Action Item 1: Please click here to see:  "Chasing The Dragon"

To see the FBI site about how and why they made the film, and the larger issue of opioid addiction, please click here: FBI Opioid Awareness 

This is an NBC story about addiction rehab facilities in Florida that lure victims into sex trafficing: Addiction Flop Houses

Action Item 2: Check out the Brevard Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition here: ichooseme

Action Item 3: Please encourage your local law enforcement agency to support The Brevard Opioid Abuse Task Force.  Here is a video about their work: Brevard Task Force Video

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