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Sunday, 29 October 2017 08:14

Donald Trump is Right!

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When our con man president called the “cost-sharing reduction payments” for Obamacare subsidies to big insurance, he was right.  When he said that Obamacare would collapse on its own, he was also right.  The Rube Goldberg-like system that is the Affordable Care Act can’t work over the long run, for a simple reason.  A system of health care based on a competitive market of for-profit health insurance companies is not sustainable.  Not only are insurance companies incentivized to restrict care (that’s why they don’t want to insure people with pre-existing conditions), placing the burden of emergency care on taxpayers, but the ever-increasing costs of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and hospitals make the any care they do pay for more expensive.    That’s why all developed nations have some sort of universal government-directed system.  It’s not because they are socialist; it’s not because they are communist; it’s not because they are kinder people; it’s not because they have smaller populations.  It’s because, just like 2+2 can’t equal 5, costs can’t be controlled, and sick people won’t be insured in an unregulated for-profit system.

You very rarely hear this mentioned in the mainstream media.  Journalist Steven Brill has written about how the Affordable Care Act was designed to make health care more accessible, not control costs.  It was anticipated the rate of increase would gradually slow because of it, but that was a secondary effect. 

Trump is doing everything he can to hasten the demise of Obamacare, and he can do plenty.  We need to recognize the solution is single-payer (“Medicare-for-all”) and demand that legislators implement it.  The Affordable Care Act needs to stay in place and functional while we work towards Medicare-for-All, as Bernie Sanders has proposed. 

We cannot turn sickness into a commodity that corporations profit from and still maintain a civil society.   A single-payer national health program is not an unaffordable dream as the neoliberals would have you believe.  It is the only rational, efficient way to deal with health care.

Consider that CNBC reported the average annual cost for healthcare per person in 2016 was $10,345 – more than twice that of other developed nations!  Without single payer “Medicare-for-All” the increases never stop.  Without single-payer, gross waste of medical supplies is unabated.

Physicians for a National Health Program ( explore all aspects of universal health care and explain how the current system fails us and how a simpler, comprehensive system would help people and our economy.  We need to demand single payer health care and elect legislators that genuinely support it and will take actions to implement it.


Kathy Freeman is a member of Space Coast Progressive Alliance.

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