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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 16:44

Replace Trump

I once selected topics for a current affairs program and served as moderator at a senior citizens residence, and then Trump was elected president. Like many other voters, I went into shock. I knew at that time that Trump was a braggart and a pathological liar and that nothing good would come from a person who felt that his personal interests came before those of the country he was supposed to serve. There were some members in my current affairs group who were strong Donald Trump supporters, and I felt I could no longer remain impartial in that position. After some thought, I resigned before the next meeting.

After the shock wore off, I began to think about the massive damage Trump could accomplish with Republican control over the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government. As I now look at Trump’s past six months in office, the situation is even worse than what I had previously imagined. Each day, he has committed at least one travesty that the press has scrambled to report in order to keep the public informed about his statements and actions. He tells his base not to believe anything from the press because they always issue ‘fake news’. Neither his supporters nor opponents could have predicted the frequency of these events.

Only a handful of Republican Congressmen have come forth to state that Trump doesn’t represent the Republican Party. Many others are still testing the way the wind is blowing in their home states because of concern over the midterm elections. The attempt by Republicans to eliminate the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare can be compared to their elusive attempts to grasp the brass ring for each revolution of the merry-go-round in order to replace health care for millions of citizens with …nothing. Instead, they are planning to use the money originally allocated for health care for what they call tax reform, except that it is really a scheme to further reduce taxation on the rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor. Having come up one vote shy of accomplishing this, Trump has threatened to let Obamacare die by letting the insurance companies withdraw from the public exchanges or by allowing them to significantly increase their premiums.  Because of protests across the country at town hall meetings, we are now seeing a joint effort by Democrats and Republicans to address the critical problem of national health care, if it is not already too late.

Trump has also damaged our foreign relations with our allies and has isolated us from the rest of the international community. We no longer have close ties with our European allies, and they can no longer depend on us for the leadership we once provided. We have withdrawn from the Paris Climate Conference with the time running out to limit the world climate change to 2° Centigrade.  

Our new policies on immigration include discrimination against those who cannot speak English, this from a president with a limited vocabulary, according to a noted linguist, of only 70 plus words. In response to a reporter’s question about our acceptance of immigrants by referring to the poem by Emma Lazarus about our “huddled masses yearning to be free”, a senior White House aide stated that this was not part of the Statue of Liberty. It was added later, meaning that our “symbol of American liberty lighting the world” has little to do with immigrants, according to the White House. Instead, Trump’s attempt to cut legal immigration will negatively affect our economy. In fact, his proposals are aimed at halving legal immigration within a decade.

We’ve seen deep fissures develop within the executive branch of government. By enacting deregulation, Trump has reduced funding and implemented negative changes in order to cripple and prevent our federal agencies from effectively serving the public both at home and abroad. The Pentagon has reacted angrily to Trump’s attempt to manage its mission when he tweeted directives to eliminate transgender members from the military. We have decimated our State Department. As a result, foreign policy and diplomacy are a total mess. His cozy relationship with Russia has forced the Senate to pass a bill imposing more sanctions against that country for meddling with our elections. Is it any wonder that his approval rating is down to only 33 percent? His actions are directed only to maintaining support from his base.

Recall that the Electoral College, not the popular vote, elected this president. He has been called a narcissist, a previous real estate scam artist, a person with a lack of self confidence who refuses to take responsibility for discharging his responsibilities, has a short attention span, is impulsive, is disposed to attack anyone who disagrees with him or does not pledge total loyalty, has no leadership abilities or previous political experience, is lazy, constantly lies, doesn’t read, doesn’t have sufficient knowledge of his presidential responsibilities, and is presently under investigation for possible collusion with Russian influence over the recent presidential election.

There is still another problem for Americans to ponder. After six months of internal shakeups, his White House Chief of Staff, General John F Kelly, now controls direct access to the president. H. R. McMaster is his National Security Advisor. This means that generals, not civilians, are in a position to establish control over Trump’s most important decisions. Some would argue that given Trump’s character, this change is probably an improvement over his previous advisors. From a constitutional standpoint, presidents are supposed to provide civilian control over the military, not the other way around. This situation reminds me of the movie, Seven Days in May, which involved an attempted military coup to remove the president and establish a military government.

Given my previous description of this president, I would rather see him impeached using the constitutional powers of Congress, rather than having his executive powers manipulated in the dark by generals in the White House. This is another reason for Congress to wake up to the dangers this nation is now facing under the Trump administration. I can only hope that special investigator Robert Mueller doesn’t take more time than is necessary in bringing charges against the president and for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings to restore our democracy.


Bob Serody is a member of Space Coast Progressive Alliance.

*ED. NOTE: The views expressed here are solely those of the author. SCPA does not endorse candidates and welcomes commentary on a wide range of issues, including political campaigns, local, regional and national. If interested in contributing commentary, please contact SCPA.

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