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Friday, 29 July 2016 16:08

Kearns: We cannot trust Florida DEP ...

Written by  David Kearns

Posted July 29, 2016
Environmental degradation + Florida corruption, cont'd.

Re: The TOXIC proposal by Rick Scott's Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection was approved by 3-2 vote on July 26.
-- SCPA Editor


We cannot trust the FDEP because they practice Rick-Scott Science, not real science
By David Kearns

Witnessing yesterday, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection scientists explain why they were urging the state’s Environmental Regulation Commission to relax standards for 120 (many) dangerous chemicals (doubling the amount of benzene in Florida’s surface waters) left me no doubt: the agency is now totally co-opted by industry. In my opinion the agency now practices the dark art of Rick-Scott Science to the exclusion of actual science and with little regard for the welfare of the public.

Rick-Scott science and regular science differ in a number of ways not limited to self-fulfilling conclusions and meaningless graphics. The fact that changing statistical modeling results in more room for toxins in our water in nearly every single case, should be a red flag to real scientists.

DEP, the last word in that is protection. Scientists from DEP should be trying to “protect” the public, after all. But not now. Not with Rick-Scott Science. MORE bad stuff per drop of water is allowed using the “Monty Carlo” calculation model. And by strange magic, this works out to give big business more room to collect huge profits while polluting our drinking water.

Rick Scott science will tell you changes are definitely NOT taking place to please Big Business while oddly, representatives for Koch and Pulp Mills are in the very same room grinning like sharks while the commission votes 3-2 to let it happen.

Rick Scott Science says you should draw no conclusions from the fact the list of chemicals now to be included in the water bears some resemblance to the list of chemicals either used in, or bi-products from, fracking and pulp manufacturing.

Rick Scott science will tell you that they are protecting you by now regulating chemicals scarcely if ever seen occurring in fresh water. The Rick Scott Science hamster-wheel never answers the question why protect us from chemicals which aren’t supposed to be in the water in the first place?

We have to call in the feds to protect us from any more Rick Scott science. And as far as this candidate is concerned when it comes to nearly everything related to water quality we cannot trust what our own DEP says.

David Kearns is a candidate for Florida House District 53. He may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (321) 525-0117.

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