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Friday, 08 July 2016 12:54

PACs and the Florida Legislature

Written by  David Kearns

Posted July 8, 2016
Florida and the corrupt political process, cont'd.

Candidate David Kearns, a former news reporter, has performed a public service by compiling information about PACs and where the money comes from for some of our legislators and their election campaigns. Mr. Kearns has asked repeatedly to meet with Florida Today Executive Editor Bob Gabordi to share with him this critical information, but thus far Gabordi seems to have been --  'unavailable.' Attention, citizens: this is information that should be shared widely across the state of Florida -- and maybe beyond, because, as Mr. Kearns has discovered, thousands of $ flow into PACs from financial interests inside AND outside Florida.
-- SCPA Editor


A Tour through The Looking Glass at PACs and the Florida Legislature
By David Kearns, Candidate for Florida House District 53

Words like these, “Why don’t they?” or “How could they?” or “why won’t they?” These are the constant refrains as my wife and I, and concerned friends, got petitions signed to be on the ballot for the Florida House D 53 race.

Running for Florida House hasn’t been easy but it has been instructive, and fun.

But the most troubling part is when you figure out how the system works. PACs.

Political Action Committees.

Look. Your typical legislator has his campaign committee, that finances his campaign. But many -– I mean a lot –- take advantage of a curious twist in Florida Law that permits them to run their own PACs. They tend money farms. And down on the farm life is anything but laid back: we are talking hundreds of thousands to the millions of dollars flow through.

A campaign, a candidate, can only accept checks up to $1,000 per donor. A PAC can accept basically unlimited cash. ...

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