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Friday, 17 June 2016 11:21

Rabbi: Let's make gun control a gay issue

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Posted June 17, 2016
Guns + politics in the USA, cont'd.

Let’s Make Gun Control a Gay Issue

It’s time to glitter bomb the NRA. Who’s in?

The Nation, by Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, June 16, 2016

 I join my voice with many other LGBTQ voices to say the time has arrived to once and for all declare that gun control is a gay issue. Of course, all issues are gay issues, but this issue is perfectly positioned to be transformed by the set of skills and the history that the queer world embodies. It’s tragic that it has taken the massacre at the Pulse nightclub to poke the sleeping bear of the LGBT community. But now we are awake. This is the moment; this is the time.

Let’s get 1,000 LGBTQ folks to the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, and wrap it in a huge Gilbert Baker rainbow flag and with glitter and feathers shut that building down. And do it again and again. Let’s get waves of LGBTQ folks to take rainbow flags and sew shut the doors of offices of senators and congresspeople who have voted over and over against sane limits on weapons of destruction in the hands of everyday Americans….


Senate strikes deal to vote on doomed gun proposals

The agreement between Mitch McConnell and Harry reid locks in votes on Monday.

Politico, by Burgess Everett and Seung Min Kim, June 16, 2016

After a marathon Democratic filibuster and pitched negotiations on gun control measures, senators are finally nearing a Senate floor showdown on firearms policy — but only to hold votes that are highly likely to fail.

On Thursday morning, the Senate Republican Conference held a special caucus meeting on what amendments they would put forward to match a background checks proposal from Democrats, senators said. By the end of the day, senators had locked in an agreement to vote Monday on four competing gun-related measures….


SCPA's Bob Serody: Send a letter to US Congress about guns (and I don't care if they do take offense)

Dear Congressman (or woman): I'd like to present you with some information about guns...

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