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Sunday, 12 June 2016 14:53

Serody: Action to prevent mass shootings

Written by  Bob Serody

Posted Sunday, June 12, 2016
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Taking Action to Prevent Mass Shootings
By Bob Serody

This Sunday wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, except that it was Father’s Day. My wife and I were connected to a friend and former student from China with the use of Skype. I decided to take him on a tour of our property with the camera on our lap top computer. It turned out that the computer could receive our Wi-Fi signals outside for more than fifty feet. We explored our yard together, which consisted of native plants, palm trees, a vegetable garden, several fruit trees and lots of wild bushes. (We don’t have a grass lawn.) I took him to a hen house bordering our property and travelled through several trails, where trees and bushes provided us with privacy and shade.

When I returned to our family room, the TV channel was broadcasting the worst mass shooting in American history, where 50 people were dead and 53 injured from gunfire in a nightclub in the city of Orlando.

As I watched this unfolding horror story, I asked our friend what the gun laws were like in China. He responded to my question by saying that citizens in China were not allowed to own guns. I told him that adults in our country could acquire semiautomatic weapons without any background checks.

I then asked him what he felt was the worst concern that faced the Chinese people. He responded that families had to be careful not to let their children go unattended. There were people who kidnapped these children for the purpose of reselling them like pieces of meat. This reminded me of how humans have the capability of doing the most horrible things to each other.

The TV news media were now concentrating on a mass shooting. When examining this situation, the police and FBI were trying to determine what motivated the lone shooter. It took place in a gay bar. The shooter was a Muslim. Was it motived by a hate crime, a terrorist act, or religious outrage? To me, this was not the question that needed to be asked, because the reason behind this act wouldn’t prevent the next mass shooting a few short weeks down the road. (A mass shooting is defined as a killing involving three or more persons.) There were 350 people crowded into this small bar, and one person reported to have an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle and a handgun had just killed 50 people and wounded 53.

The question should be why we are the only advanced country to have totally lax gun laws. Outlawing weapons of mass destruction could have prevented this and many of the preceding mass murders that stain our history. It is time for Americans to apply pressure on our Congressmen to outlaw these weapons or vote them out of office.

The next time there is a gun show in your community, take a trip and see what weapons are available for sale, and then imagine why it is so easy for a demented individual to take down so many people. Then think of the grieving relatives and friends of the victims. Finally, ask yourself whether you might someday become the statistic of a mass shooting. Again, pick up that phone. It’s time to eliminate this barbarism that besets our country.

Bob Serody is a member of Space Coast Progressive Alliance.

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