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Thursday, 09 June 2016 12:05

Rodney Smith: Excuse me, Gov. Rick Scott...

Written by  Rodney Smith

Posted June 9, 2016
Florida and Rick Scott, cont'd.
Excerpted with permission from Rodney Smith's blog.

Excuse me, Gov. Rick Scott: What are you thinking?
By Rodney Smith

Excuse me, Governor Scott, but you and other Florida Legislators puzzle me. ...

… it’s not a secret anymore; you’ve either fired or demoted many of Florida’s Environmental Protection Agency employees who were fighting on the side of limiting growth and protecting our natural resources. …

Explain why, instead of fighting on the side of genuine conservatism, you and the other Florida Legislators pick the tired campaign slogan of the late Florida Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward (1905-1909) “Drain the Swamps to Build!” Governor Scott, the problem is you’re leading a team chasing Broward’s dreams a hundred and ten years past its time. This “Drain the Swamps to Build!” mentality is killing Florida’s iconic waterways, the very reasons 20 million-plus Floridians live here in the Sunshine State. Governor Scott, it’s clear to me Florida’s Everglades, springs, lakes, rivers, and lagoons are not the riches you and other Florida Legislators cherish or understand and appreciate. …

I believe, Governor Scott, we are people with similar concerns and convictions. We want to see a better future for all of us. We’d all benefit if you’d consult with a broader coalition of advocates, including those of us lobbying for a more responsible vision and plan for a healthier future for Florida’s waterways, their habitats, and the wildlife depending on it. …


Rodney Smith is a Florida-born outdoor photojournalist and author, focused primarily on enjoyment of Florida's natural environment.
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