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Saturday, 26 September 2015 15:41

Republican Presidential Debate

Written by  Simon Pristoop

Posted Sept. 26, 2015
Healthcare and National Politics, cont'd.

Republican Party Presidential Debate and Health Care

By Sy Pristoop

After watching the Republican debate on August 6, I came away thoroughly disgusted with each and every Republican presidential candidate. Apparently, the Republican road to the White House is reserved for the candidate that promises the most efficient and effective program for destroying the availability of critical health care to half the population, women.

Every one of the Republican candidates claimed to be a person of faith, and assured us that they would govern this nation in accordance with that faith. Note: By its very definition, “faith” literally means “lack of knowledge.” I certainly do not choose to be governed in accordance with someone’s lack of knowledge. If you’ve been around as long as I, you will remember that Jack Kennedy was elected as the first Catholic president in the United States, after he assured the public he would NOT permit his faith to interfere with proper governance. Our nation would be infinitely better off if Republican candidates would school themselves in some science and realty, which they all religiously deny. (e.g., human influence on climate change and evolution science.)

Yes, abortion is a critical component of women’s health care. And, yes, as uncomfortable as the details may make one, even late term abortion can also be medically necessary. Opposition to legally availing otherwise useless human tissue to research that could potentially save countless lives is not a sign of compassion, but pedantic ignorance.

Surely, every presidential candidate must be aware that Planned Parenthood is the primary source of health care for many millions of women, as well as some men. Planned Parenthood has decades of experiences in dealing with contraception needs, sexually transmitted diseases, high blood pressure, infertility, and almost every health problem that women suffer. And surely they must understand that defunding Planned Parenthood would create a national crisis in health care of gigantic proportions. What kind of perverted leadership do these Republicans promise?

A constitutional amendment this nation truly needs would prohibit ignorant and compassionless politicians from interfering with the doctor-patient relationship.

Simon Pristoop is a retired physicist and in 2004 was a Democratic Party candidate for US Congress. Sy is a member and past President of Space Coast Progressive Alliance.


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