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Friday, 12 December 2014 06:28

New book: Capitalism v. Democracy

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Capitalism v. Democracy
Money in Politics and the Free Market Constitution

As of the latest national elections, it costs approximately $1 billion to become president, $10 million to become a Senator, and $1 million to become a Member of the House. High-priced campaigns, an elite class of donors and spenders, superPACs, and increasing corporate political power have become the new normal in American politics. In Capitalism v. Democracy, Timothy Kuhner explains how these conditions have corrupted American democracy, turning it into a system of rule that favors the wealthy and marginalizes ordinary citizens. Kuhner maintains that these conditions have corrupted capitalism as well, routing economic competition through political channels and allowing politically powerful companies to evade market forces. The Supreme Court has brought about both forms of corruption by striking down campaign finance reforms that limited the role of money in politics. Exposing the extreme economic worldview that pollutes constitutional interpretation, Kuhner shows how the Court became the architect of American plutocracy. ...

Buy the book: Paperback: about $20, hardback about $63, at Stanford U. Press, see link above.


Radio interview with author Timothy Kuhner, Sept. 22, 2014

37 min.

Compiled by Team SCPA



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