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Sunday, 23 November 2014 16:37

Did voting machines give Rothblatt votes to Posey?

Written by  Beth LaPointe, others, and Team SCPA

Posted Nov. 23, 2014

Did the voting machines give Rothblatt votes to Posey?

Beth LaPointe's Citizen Exit Polling Group conducted exit polls at Eau Gallie Civic Center, Precinct 408 on Nov. 4, 2014. The polling by this group has demonstrated great accuracy over the years. The Nov. 4 exit polling at Precinct 408 apparently reveals that 6.61 percent of Rothblatt votes went to Posey, at that precinct.

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Precinct 408, located in Eau Gallie Civic Center, Melbourne FL

By Beth LaPointe
Citizen Exit Poll

Citizen Exit Poll group conducted an exit poll at Precinct 408 located in Eau Gallie Civic Center in Melbourne, FL on Nov. 4, 2014.

Our Citizen Exit Poll group would like to thank all those who helped conduct the exit poll and did such a great job.  We had the best voter participation this year of any of our polls.  Also, thanks to the SCPA for their support of our poll and providing many of the people that helped out with it.

Our exit poll indicated the following:

We had 74.5% of the voters participate in our exit poll which is excellent input for an exit poll.

The average difference of our exit poll results from the precinct results in the Governor and Attorney General races is less than 1%.  

In the race for Representative for Congress the actual difference in results is 6.61% and favors the Republican candidate.

Again, our Citizen Exit Polls are very accurate and again there appears to be a discrepancy in the vote count which favors the Republican candidate. The results of our exit poll in the General Election in 2012 showed a 7.45% discrepancy in the vote count in the Presidential race favoring the Republican. Our results in the other 2 races were within 1% of the precinct results.

Our margin of error has been as good or better than the national professional exit polls.

We are posting the summary of our results for this year’s Citizen Exit Poll here on SCPA website.

Additional results from our exit polls are posted on our Citizen Exit Poll Facebook page under the files tab. 




Exit Polling in Brevard County

How to Rig an Election
The G.O.P. aims to paint the country red
Harper's Magazine, by Victoria Collier, Nov. 2012

…  two major events have paved the way for this lethal form of election manipulation: the mass adoption of computerized voting technology, and the outsourcing of our elections to a handful of corporations that operate in the shadows, with little oversight or accountability.

This privatization of our elections has occurred without public knowledge or consent, leading to one of the most dangerous and least understood crises in the history of American democracy. We have actually lost the ability to verify election results. ...

Contributors Beth LaPointe, Citizen Exit Poll Group. Compiled by Team SCPA.



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