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Friday, 28 February 2014 06:32

Action Alert! by LWV Florida

Written by  LWV of Florida + Team SCPA


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Contact Florida legislators to block the expansion of private school vouchers!

Last week, a massive expansion of Florida's voucher system was filed in the state legislature, a plan that could defund public schools and divert millions of taxpayer dollars to private institutions with little accountability. Legislators need to hear from League supporters now protesting this proposal, and urging them to block the expansion of private school vouchers.


Earlier this year, Speaker of the House Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) named the expansion of the private voucher program a top priority of his for the 2014 legislative session. His proposal (PCB FTSC 14-02), allows sales tax revenue to be sent to private scholarship organizations and significantly expands the number of students who would be eligible to receive vouchers under the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

The proposed committee bill would also:
• Increase the program's scholarship cap to $390 million for the 2014-2015 school year, and keep the limit about $30 million above what it otherwise would have been for several years;
• Remove a provision that requires middle and high school students to attend a public school for at least one year before qualifying for a voucher; and
• Provide tax credits to retailers who send their sales tax revenue to scholarship organizations instead of to the state of Florida.

The expansion of private scholarship programs under this proposal is a further abdication of the state's responsibility to provide a high quality education to Florida's children. In 2013 alone, $207 million was allocated to private schools via the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program. 

Private schools who accept students on the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship:   
• do not participate in FCAT
• are not required to publicly report school grades or FCAT scores
• are not required to have certified teachers
• are not required to utilize the state curriculum standards 

Please contact your state Senator and Representative and urge them to vote against this proposal, which will divert millions in taxpayer dollars to private school vouchers. Our elected officials should be focusing on improving our public schools, not on expanding an alternate education system with minimal accountability.
Please ask your legislators to oppose PCB FTSC 14-02! 

CONTACT INFO for your state Senator and state Representative is here:


Published Feb. 23, 2014 in Lakeland Ledger

A recent proposal in the legislature could drastically defund public schools and divert millions of taxpayer dollars to private institutions.



Thanks to League of Women Voters of Florida


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