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Saturday, 26 May 2012 04:28

Show Your Colors and Increase Your Impact!

Written by  Carol Luntz

 A friend recently told me about shopping in a locally owned mom and pop

 store.She had shopped there before and had never seen the man who

 appeared at the counter to take her money. She had already laid out her

 purchases when the proprietor turns to face her wearing a Tea Party

 T-shirt. She felt she should go ahead and pay for the purchases since

 she had already picked them off the shelf.  Since this friend agrees with

 my political point of view, I suggested she should have told the man she

 didn't want to buy the goods and thereby support the views his T-shirt



 I am not sure I would have had the gumption to do this if it were me in

 that situation, but I believe more of us need to put our money (or NOT

 put our money) where our mouth is. I don't necessarily believe in

 boycotting a business because of political beliefs, unless there are overt

 actions; however, this man was unabashedly putting his political leanings

 in front of his customers. Unless, of course, he had forgotten to do any

 laundry and had nothing else to wear.


 I purposely did not give you any information about this business, but I

 urge you in any situation to consider what you are saying when you

 shop/do business. I am conflicted about  this in my own behavior because

 I shop at WalMart, knowing full well that there are questions over their

 business practices.  It is reported they are mending their ways, and I

 daresay, Publix or Macy's may have skeletons in their corporate closet,

 as well. Some of the best known designer labels, for example,

 are made in sweat shops in third world countries.My budget is so tight

 and the price differences are so great that I feel I need to choose the

 lowest price available.But I do feel twinges of guilt when I shop there. 

 Again there is so much written about WalMart and not so much about

 other stores that is hard to really know who does what.


 Needless to say, when it is in our face, we need to turn our backs and

 let people know we don't support their views when they are as opposite

 our own as the Tea Party.


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  • Comment Link Adina Lehrman Monday, 04 June 2012 19:53 posted by Adina Lehrman

    While I agree that I would be turned off by a tea party tea shirt on the cashier where I was making a purchase, it absolutely would not cause me to leave the store without spending my money there especially if it was, as described, a mom and pop store.

    I think Carol's loyalties are misplaced if she would rather spend her dollars at a Walmart than at a locally owned and operated business. That tea party fellow is my fellow country man, and if he and his wife/partner have the grit to operate their own store at the feet of corporate giants then regardless of his politics, he should be supported by any American who recognizes that mammoth sized american corporations have eliminated our choices, have a strangle hold on the legislative branch of our government, dictating public and corporate policy while paying little or no income taxes on the dollars they earn from Carol and other shoppers who are looking the other way in order to continue paying low prices for junky products manufactured by heavily subsidized factories in other countries by underpaid, overworked and often underage labor, while American workers struggle to find jobs they can do in a country that has lost most of its manufacturing jobs.

    Whether or not I can respect someone has less to do with what t-shirt they wear and more to do with their manners.

    I have many friends and acquaintances in my community who do not share my politics and yet we have common ground on many issues, and we respect one another and enjoy the fellowship that comes from discovering we can have meaningful exchanges with people outside of our comfort zones.

  • Comment Link Fred Markham Saturday, 26 May 2012 08:45 posted by Fred Markham

    When the proprietor intentionally puts his political ideology in his customers' faces, he is asking for feedback. He no doubt gets lots of positive feedback from tea party supporters, while others probably ignore his advertising without comment. It would be worthwhile to give some negative feedback as well, and what stronger feedback could there be than for a few customers to leave unpaid purchases on his counter with a polite explanation? That wouldn't change his views, but it might change his shirt.

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